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Flash and Pass is absolutely the fastest, most efficient way to learn.  Flashcards are a proven study method allowing an individual to achieve solid results in the least amount of time possible.  Nothing works better and here's why: - Click to Order Cards -


Why Real Flash Cards Really Work

Real Flash Cards Beat Computer Assisted Learning Aids!
Flash and Pass Flash Cards are all about convenience and fast results. Real Flash Cards make it easy for you to keep track what you know and what you don't know. No software program can give you the intuitive feel and immediate feedback that Flash Cards provide.  Real Flash Cards allow you to lean at you own pace anywhere you happen to be - at home, on a plane, on a train or in the rain!  We feel so strongly about the efficiency of this process that we promise never to bring to market a computer based product.  Some things simply cannot be improved upon.  If you've never used Real Flash Cards, you're in for a real treat!

Focus only on the questions you don't know! 
Maximum learning efficiency is gained because you don't waste time wading through material you have already mastered.  And to make the learning process less daunting, Flash and Pass Flash Cards allow you to break up the learning task into smaller and more easily manageable segments.
With Real Flashcards, you receive immediate feedback!
With Flash and Pass Flash Cards you will know immediately whether you have learned the material on a particular card or not.  When you learn the answer to a particular question, you simply remove that card from the deck.  This allows you to focus just on the questions you don't yet know the answers to.  As you see the deck get smaller, you'll know you're really learning new material.
Real Flashcards encourage active learning!
Merely listening or reading is considered passive learning. Actually doing something with the information while you are learning it is considered active learning. Anytime you can take part in the learning process, your mind is more engaged. The chance of you remembering what you just learned is much higher with active processes. The use of Flashcards creates a highly active learning environment that surpasses reading our even listening in on a live lecture.  With Flash and Pass Flash Cards you compete with yourself and turn learning into a game!

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Read One Customer's Experience With Flash and Pass

Dear Flash and Pass,

Just got back from taking my General Test in Gainesville, TX, and guess what I passed! Woopiiii. Thanks to the help of the flash cards I bought from you, it made the difference. I was taking a course on line and reading a book, but things were just not clicking. Until I received the flash cards, and as I started using them, things were making more sense to me. I could concentrate on questions I was having a problem with and weed out the ones I didn't have any problem with. It was something tangible and convenient that I could hold in my hands and use, and carry with me to study when I was waiting in a doctors office, or to have my oil changed in my car. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!


P.S.  I'll be taking my Extra Test next month in Ardmore, OK
Note:  At 63, Barb jumped into Ham Radio late in life.  She ordered all three sets of cards, Tech, Gen and Extra, at one time.  And yes Barb passed her Extra Class test with flying colors.  If Barb can do it with Flash and Pass so can you!

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Questions On One Side


Answers On The Other



Cards measures 2.83 x 5.50 inches and are printed on quality index card stock.
Each set of cards includes any required supplemental diagrams.


With Flash and Pass Flash Cards you get the Actual Test Questions that will appear on the test you are planning to take. Learn the answers to the questions on these cards and you are assured of acing that important test!  Flash and Pass provides you with a simple plan that simply works!

Typically you begin with a group of 20 to 30 cards.
As you work through a group of cards, set aside the cards containing the questions you know and have learned the answers to.  Once you learn the answers to a complete group of questions, set that group aside and select a new group of cards to work with. When you run completely out of cards, you are ready to ace the test. It's just that simple!


Follow these simple steps and pass that test fast!

1. Start by selecting a group of about 20 to 30 cards.
2. Read the question from a card and decide on an answer.
3. Flip the card over and check your answer for correctness.
4. Place the questions you know and don't know into separate piles.
5. Continue working through the remaining questions in that group.
6. Rework the questions you missed until you know the answers.

When you run out of cards, you're ready to ace that exam!

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